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Now that I've finished updating my endgame Rogue Armor and Weapons charts with Mo P gear, I'm going to switch things up for a moment to discuss another project I've been working on.Last year, I added a Level 10 Twink section to my Rogue Twink charts, separate from the Level 10-14 section, to highlight differences between a level 10 twink and a level 14 twink.

So, even though level 10 twinks have better DPS stats, it appears that a similarly geared level 14 twink will still be more effective.

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Unfortunately, I was recently notified by Sannin that numerous weapons have had their Speed/Min/Max/DPS values changed in the latest patch.

That means that I'll need to go back and manually update hundreds, if not thousands, of weapons in my various Rogue Weapons charts. Now that I've completed a very active month of daily updates to my charts and site, I'm going to spend the next few weeks working on updating my Powerleveling Guide for Rogues with all of the changes coming in Mists of Pandaria.

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