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His masterwork, The Anti Defamation League (ADL) recently attacked you as “an anti-Semitic professor” who couches his views as “legitimate intellectual inquiry.” They state that you argue that “Jews are a hostile elite in American society who undermine the country’s European heritage and traditions in an effort to destroy Europeans.” How do you respond to this?

” They cannot state that their choice of neighborhoods derives from racial preference because that conflicts with the official racial ideology of the wider culture.The LA Jewish Journal jumped on the ’stir’ in their cover story, “The Professor Anti Semites Love,” which highlighted the SPLC’s accusations against me.It has calmed down a bit, though there are still some faculty members who do everything they can to make life unpleasant for me.Their presence at elite universities and their access to prestigious publication venues, is an important basis of their influence.I am simply expressing, and with as much vigour, my own interests and those of numerous others.

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