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Help our favorite reindeer get back on his feet and find the right cure in the vet's office. Rapunzel has to find her things before she goes on a new adventure, but her closet is a mess!Look around for the hidden objects in her room, collect them all quickly and watch as her hairstyle cha...The doll you have to create is a cute baby girl and you need to choose the best pin up st...Goofy Sven slipped into an ice hole while playing and now he is badly injured!She has already enrolled her precious puppy pets in it. Help Barbie fulfill her master chef dream designing her entire wardrobe. This Equestria Girl is oriented in fashion very well and it will be more difficult to choose clothes for her than for other... Check his heartbeat , Check for broken bones and much more. Your teacher has given you a fun assignment to get you ready for Easter.Turn her into a fashion fabulous chef princess dressing her up in gorgeous attires. Twilight is taking her turn signing center stage for the Rainbooms! Help baby Barbie recover from the chickenpox attack caring for her and fulfilling all her needs. A local farm has just donated a clutch of baby chicks for your class to take care of, and your teacher is letting you take ...This playful couple needs your assistance today and as their super talented babysitter you'll... The wedding is tomorrow, but she is very busy saving the world once more so she simply has no time for wedding preparations. Ever since she was a little girl, it was Draculaura's dream to become a normal. Join Mia this Chinese New Year to create a delicious Chinese snack, pork and prawn dumplings.She use a powerful spell to transform herself, but now she is sad. Prepare the pork and prawn filling by slicing the ingredients and then wrapping them with wanton wrappe...

Sometimes reality can get in the way of a solid, down-to-Earth, real world romance. Pack your bag and run away in style with this couple of chic lovers. Stay trendy and look cute in lots of modern clothes. Make sure to always look your best because you never know when a spur of the moment surprise party will explode out of nowhere.

Serve customers quickly, making them happy and keep them coming back for more ... Talking Angela had a party at her place and a few minutes ago her guests left the house. Everybody felt great, but right now somebody has to help Angela... You must find her hairpins and clear the room of all sorts of thrown items before you can help her dress up.

Here come Sponge Bob and his trusted friend Patrick, probable tow of the most adorable babies ever seen. Choose the most stylish clothes and accessories f...

Barbie Cake Deco is a new cake decoration game for girls.

Play this Barbie themed cake decorating game and make a yummy and attractive cake with your decoration skills. Design Barbie's night fairy wardrobe mixing and matching her gorgeous clothes and accessories in dozens of outfits that she will wear from dusk till dawn and not only. Spring it's a time of celebration, especially during Easter.

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